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About TCD and Jessica Buchanan Tanglao


I began my equine journey at 3 years old with my first riding lesson. My family was very involved in 4H and in the United States Pony Clubs -from which I graduated with a Traditional HA certification. In my 4H career I was a member of the Virginia State 4H Judging Team and brought home the American Quarter Horse Association World Horse Judging Championship in 2004.

Before starting my own carriage company I was employed with Lexington Carriage Company in Lexington, Virginia, over 10 years starting in 2009 and that is where I started my career learning to drive singles and pairs for commercial driving.  I also purchased my very first commercial carriage from LCC which I still use in my fleet to this day. In 2012 I branched out to grooming, navigating, and working with pleasure and competition horses in Combined Driving Events. I made it my mission to learn as much I could about all types of driving horses and training the driving horse. Since then I've had lessons from many extraordinary professional drivers in both the USA and in Europe. I broke my first horse to drive in 2016 and have been training horses for clients ever since. I'm happy to share references of former and current clients anytime (contact me for a resume and see some of my 5 star reviews here).

Currently in my own personal carriage driving journey, I have started driving my own four-in-hand team that I built from scratch.

I am a licensed (PA, DE, MD, and VA) insurance agent for Farm & Main Insurance in Easton, MD. I specialize in horse farms, country estates (non commercial horse farms), equine liability, and commercial carriage operations.

I am a sub-Agent for Ideal Equestrian and am more than happy to help purchase harness, saddles, and other products offered by Ideal Equestrian in the Netherlands. We are more than happy to assist clients in purchasing harness and carriages in the USA and from The Netherlands, Poland, and other parts of Europe with the help of Peter Proost at A-Z Horse Driving in Florida. Contact me for help with buying harness and/or carriages!

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