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Customer Reviews
We believe the best way to know you're getting the best service is to let our past services speak for themselves!

5 Stars from Carrie Simmons-Sparrow

Fun and unique experience! Driver was very nice and talked at length to my horse-crazy daughter. Company was very communicative about options when the weather forecast looked like we may have to cancel. Fortunately the weather cleared and we were able to make it!


5 Stars from Adriane Baker

Amazing facility and wonderful trainer! Jess has worked wonders with my 2 babies and taught them so much! If you are looking for training, any driving supplies, or carriage driving for special events, make sure to contact Jess at Tanglao Carriage Driving!


5 Stars from Martha Duchnowski

Jess Tanglao has been working my miniature horse Vinny after a wreck last spring. She is very patient with him and has gotten him back into the cart. While the mini is very smart, Jess is always one step ahead. I highly recommend.


5 Stars from Katelin Cook

I sent my horse here for training and I am so pleased how he turned out. They took their time with him and let him learn at his pace so that he would have fun too. They helped me with every aspect of driving, helping get quality equipment, lessons, and my horse and I will be starting some local competitions, he's been in training for 3 months.


5 Stars from Mildred Perez

Loved the horse and carriage Staff are wonderful and very accommodating. Totally awesome experience!


5 Stars from Katey

Excellent tour through Easton. Thoroughly enjoyed, amazing, friendly, and personable driver. Horses were well mannered and handled the traffic so well. Impressive and 10/10 recommend


5 Stars from Bonny Curless

My Morgan mare Molly and I came to Jessica Buchanan of Easton Carriage Tours by Tanglao Carraige Driving pretty much “broken” in our Carraige driving endeavors… Molly and I had a couple of accidents together which left us having ZERO confidence in ourselves, being around, or driving in any vehicle that even resembled a Carraige… We both were down right terrified…

I wanted to take Molly and I to someone professional that could tell us if we could heal… Even if it only meant that we were not afraid to be around Carriages… but I really wanted to know if either of us could remotely drive together again…

I knew Jess would have her hands full… I felt we were going to be a tough case for someone to put back together… Molly and I were BOTH an emotional mess…

But after the very end of the first and probably most difficult month… Jess actually was able to drive Molly! Then…Jess actually got ME to drive her pair of horses Savannah and Dancer… and her Savannah as a single! I will never forget those first drives…

The healing was beginning…

Molly received more time pulling Carriages her second month with Jess… I then I MYSELF was able to drive Molly with Jess’s guidance and reassurance and sitting next to me… was it easy for me???? NO! …but some how Jess believed in us more than we believed in ourselves…

The third month Molly received more time being driven… but our 3rd month got cut short due to a family emergency and I had to come pick up Molly earlier than expected and bring her home… I was not able to get my last confirming “to me” drives with Molly and Jess… But Jess still believed in us… She tested Molly by proving even her husband Tang could drive her and showed me Molly CAN DO THIS!

So home we went… after a couple of weeks and the family emergency somewhat “under control”… and things began calming down…

….One day I decide it was a “good driving day”… I felt good, Molly felt good, the weather was perfect and it was super peaceful at our home… and a friend in had not seen for sometime just happened stop by that day that knows about Carraige driving and we hooked Molly!!! I DROVE MOLLY at home! And then after driving Molly and my friend left… I also drove my young 4-year old filly Tiia that I had previously started myself!!!!! I was no longer terrified to drive her either!

We have yet a long road for “recovery”… and have been given homework to do from Jess… We have begun to drive again… We could not have gotten this far without Jess’s experience and her belief in us…

The journey continues once again in our, ok MY dream, of driving my horses in a Carraige…

Thanks Jess! For all your support… and we will continue to count on you for guidance along the way!

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