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Our Horses

Our horses are exceptionally friendly and well trained. Every horse that we use in commercial business has also had a successful show career.  When you hire a carriage from Tanglao Carriage Driving, you are hiring a CHAMPION horse. We choose our horses based on their character and performance history. Several of our horses have even had successful international competition careers overseas. When you hire Tanglao Carriage Driving to provide rides for your event, your guests will get a true equine experience! We encourage clients to interact with our horses, feed them, pet them, and bond with them. We don't believe in discouraging people from touching our horses. We are committed to being true ambassadors of the horse industry.


We welcome visitors to our stables to see the care of our horses. As all of our horses are competition horses as well, we take exceptional care to ensure the comfort, happiness, and well being of every individual horse in our team. Our horses are our family. We also are very pleased to provide references from our veterinary  team and from our farrier (that's the guy that takes care of the horse's feet!)


Savannah is a Friesian Saddlebred cross mare. She's the head boss of the farm and in all things carriage driving. She has had an extensive showing career competing all over the USA in carriage driving events. She loves to be told how beautiful she is and eating sugar cubes.

Dancer is the steady-eddie of our barn. He's competed all over the USA and is the best confidence builder for young horses. He takes care of the baby horses and teaches all our "in training" horses how to be carriage horses. His number 1 job is being Savannah's emotional support, a position he takes very seriously. Dancer enjoys sleeping and snacking on horse cookies. 

Yara  is an extremely sweet and extremely intelligent individual. She loves to go to work, get snuggles on the job, and eat lots of goodies. Yara is a silly and playful horse. Her favorite game is the "does this annoy you?" game.... She tries to see what things she can do to get a reaction from you. Most of the things she does are pretty hilarious!!! Yara is definitely one of the most entertaining horses in the barn!

Habanero is a 12 year old PRE (Pure Spanish Andalusian) that we adopted from the Medieval Times show in Baltimore. He is a total ham and since he is retired mostly, he fills the roll of CCO (Chief Cookie Officer) for Tanglao Carriage Driving and Easton Carriage Tours. Habi likes back scratches and being snuggled. He works light duty shifts and is absolutely the biggest pet in the barn.

Julie is a Spotted Draft / Dutch Harness Horse mare that came from the Amish in PA. She is owned by Jessica's long time friend, Dr. Julianne Simpson, and we are so thankful to have her as part of Team TCD and Easton Carriage Tours. Julie likes to teach baby horses the ropes of driving and is in charge out in the field.

Mina is the youngest member of our team. She came to use from Wyoming in January of 2021. Mina is a Friesian mare and usually stays jet black in color. She is a super affectionate horse and quick study. Keep an eye out for her when she joins the other horses working in town!

Hans is a Dutch Harness Horse gelding that has retired from the Amish lifestyle to the more laidback lifestyle of competition horse. He has really enjoyed being a commercial carriage horse. His favorite part of the job is all the the cookies and kisses. He also likes that he gets to enjoy life at a much slower pace. His favorite speed is walking!


Kurt is a Canadian Commercial Horse (a cross between a Clydesdale Draft Horse -The Budweiser Horses! and a Hackney Horse) bred in Ontario, Canada. Kurt has worked in downtown Toronto and also been a apart of showing teams and coaching teams. His vast knowledge of driving is a great resource for our fleet and his goofy personality is one you're sure to fall in love with!

Below: Jess driving her four in hand team comprised of Savannah, Dancer, Hans, and Kurt

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