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A Video Lesson on Achenbach Reinhandling with Adam Canaday

Let me start off by introducing my very good friend, Adam Canaday.

Adam, a Journeyman Coach Driver at Colonial Williamsburg, is a very dear friend of our family. He has been involved with Williamsburg in one way or another since he was about five years old! He's been working in Coach & Livestock since 2013. In addition to taking care of horses and driving the pairs that take you on carriage rides through the Historic Area, Adam is a wealth of knowledge about Colonial Williamsburg, 18th-century Virginia, and traditional carriage driving and rein handling!

Adam has given this great advice: If you are going to drive and be successful - remember you drive with both hands and the whip is at the ready. Rein measurements are key and most importantly plant your feet, sit up straight, relax and be comfortable in the contact, and have a wonderful drive. This will help you get better every drive!

Enjoy the video. Adam can explain this better than I ever could and you can take it anywhere with you to refer back to. Your Achenbach lesson awaits:

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1 Comment

This is such a great video helping me so much understanding Achenbach... I can now practice right along with this video! Thank you Adam for doing this for us! You are the best‼️

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