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Open Minded Horse Training: Carriage Driving

Today’s TED talk from Jess:

Open minds.

As trainers of horses, we all have something in common: the best outcome for our horses.

Doesn’t matter if we are driving or riding or simply keeping horses in our yards.

We are all trainers of these animals we keep and we all have something to bring to the table.

Next time you see something you initially don’t agree with, take time to investigate. Why did this trainer make this decision? What about this bothers me? Is it possible I’m missing ingredients that actually make this a recipe for success? What could I learn here instead?

A very wise coach of mine used to tell me all the time: “Know what you don’t know”

That means: don’t assume you are the know-all.

As horse trainers and lovers we need to keep open minds, ask questions if we don’t understand or agree, and keep open dialogues. That is how we will continue to better the well-being of our industry and sports.

My four in hand comprised of Dancer and Savannah in the lead with Hans and KurT in the wheel.

Tell me what you think….

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