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Rein Safety (written by Carolyn Aarup, Dakota Winds Farm)

Bight of rein safety

By Carolyn Aarup, Dakota Winds Farm

The “bight” of your reins refers to the excess/loop of your reins between your hands and the end buckle (if applicable).

It’s important to contain the bight of your reins when carriage driving otherwise they could cause an accident by getting caught around your feet, fall out between the slats in the boot (bottom) of your carriage, get caught around a wheel, get tangled on the brake pedal, etc.

The easiest way to keep the reins off the floor is to sit on them but here is what I prefer to do:

1. attach a stretchy band (stretchy plastic so it breaks in case of accident) to the buckle and put around my wrist. Do not attach anything that won’t break easily!

2. Also attach a thin piece of leather lash between the two ends of the reins so if they get caught, it will break.

Video of Leaders velcro reins for safety:

Contact Vijay Sud for the safety Velcro reins.

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