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Hummingbird Inn Partnership

Want a staycation or vacation in Easton? We've partnered with Humming Bird Inn Bed and Breakfast to make your trip rewarding and relaxing !

Both Hummingbird and Easton Carriage Tours are DOG FRIENDLY!


Your visit includes:

"Guest Special Offering" at Hummingbird Inn: 1 Hour Historic Horse & Carriage Tours!!

Hummingbird Inn is so excited to be partnering with Tanglao Carriage Driving - Home of Easton Carriage Tours - to offer guests an exclusive Hummingbird Inn Special Deal!

Guests get a special "Hummingbird Inn Rate" plus you get picked up right in front of the Inn. Climb aboard a beautiful open-air horse-drawn carriage from our original mounting block from the 1800s.

You will then go on a fun and factual guided historic tour of the downtown historic district. Once your tour is complete, you will be brought back to the Inn and a chance to get some great photo's.

Soon Hummingbird Inn will be offering romantic weekend package deals! These deals will include a 2-night stay, a welcome basket, and a private carriage tour - plus some more surprise offerings to come!

Until these Package Deals are available, book your next stay at Hummingbird Inn NOW and let them know you'd like to book your private Horse & Carriage Historic Tour. They'll be happy to make all the arrangements for you.

And remember:

Hummingbird Inn

More than just a place to sleep

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