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First Day Driving Four

The first time I drove my four in hand…. just thoughts….

These 4 horses. They are my 🌎 💕

Savannah (Friesian/Saddlebred) left lead, Dancer (Saddlebred) right lead, Hans (Dutch Harness Horse) left wheel, Kurt (Canadian Commercial -Clydesdale/Hackney Horse) right wheel.

This year has begun with the first time I have been able to put my four in hand together. All horses that I own and drive on the regular.

I’ve been driving singles, pairs, and tandem, but this is only my 3rd time driving a team of 4 horses and the first time where they are all mine (I can’t get over that they are all mine!)

Their stories are so diverse…

Savannah has shown single, pairs, and four in hands all over 🌎

Dancer lost an eye to glaucoma and keeps on living his best life 👁

Hans was headed to the New Holland Auction a year ago because he was “too slow” 🐴

Kurt had some time to stand in the field (thinking he might be retired, maybe?) and then came to me and stepped right in to be a backbone for my team 🦴

I’ve never been happier. It’s amazing how 4 special horses can just do wonders for your heart!

I put this together without a lot of $ to be able to spare for it. I’ve got my harnesses mixed and matched, I got the team Kuhnle carriage at the Martin’s Auction… even if you don’t have a ton of 💵 don’t lose sight of your dreams. You can always find a way.

Follow my blog as I take you along on my drive to four-in-hand horse team driver!

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2 commentaires

Thank you for these encouraging words Jess! Keep up the good work you do...

04 févr. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you!!!

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